Friday, September 29, 2006

family pets

Good morning all.. well here are a couple of the pets. Cody and his snake .... Slick Slick is now about a year old and growing like a weed... he eats a mouse a week, very low maint. We also have Maggie, my baby... she rules the roost... chases off the neighbors cat, Cody and any one who gets close to me... a very jelous bird... also high maint. If i do not give her at least 30 min. of attention when i get home from work she has a fit untill i do.. very spoiled i know. just laying low this week and weeks to come because Duck and Quail season opens Oct. 21.. what a decession what should i do first.... Tommy

Thursday, September 21, 2006

more hunt pics

Hey all sorry for the delay in writing. It has been a series of repair challenges for me. Starting with Tammy's car. first overheating, then the bath tub needing the drain line to the main repiped, Tammy's car blowing out the heater core and needing replacement, and a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink which turned into a replacement of valves. Nothing is ever just a simple fix. Tammy's car for instance the heater core was last saturdays repair, 4 hours to remove the thing. Yes i have a book and i read the directions 3 times to make it somewhat easier. Well the new core was only 28 bucks and it only took less than 3 hours to install the thing even though i have yet to hook up the hoses but that is sure to come. well looking at some of the pics of Cody's last hunt made me post these in action shots... as one can see the cotton field in front of him was a challenge to overcome, one cannot shoot too soon or it drops out of sight forever.. thats all for now...... Tommy

Monday, September 11, 2006

more dove hunting pics

Well i have just a few more pictures from the dove hunt. Out in the field i bagged another and of course Cody is watching on. Here it is over 100 degrees and i have long sleeves on but actually it is quite cooler than having the direct sun on you, plus with all the sweat it keeps you cooler. The other pic is of the dove cleaning table which the motel puts out every year for the dove hunters. Here we have Bernie and Bob doing the cleaning and Cody was on the hose doing the wash down... oh Cody had to show off his 4 birds.. a combo of morning and white wing doves... talk to ya all later... Tommy

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dove Hunt Sept. 1st."06"

We are back from the dove hunt... Cody and I did quite well, i did bag my limit of 10 and Cody bagged 4 but lost 4 .. there was not reason we should not have done better... i left with 4 hundred rounds and retured with a little over 2 hundred... yea we are bad shots but hey ammo is cheap ... the temps were hot.. 112 degrees on friday and when we left on saturday morning at 9 am it was already 103 degrees.. and climbing.. these pictures were from saturday so it was a little slower and i was able to take pictures..this is a lemon grove behind us and there was a cotton field across from us so needless to say if ya dropped one in the cotton it was gone. We did have a better shot at finding them in the lemon grove if they fell between the trees but if they hit a tree they would stay in the tree and the trees have thorns to about 2 inches long and they are sharp... we all lost a few to the trees and cotton... the motel we stayed in has been remodeled so it went up from a quater star to a 3 star rate, we were all impressed with the upgrades...Cody and i shared one room and Bernie and Bob Wargo shared the other... i slept real good not having to listen to Bern and Bob snore and Cody does not snore so i was in good shape hopefully he does not learn to snore... all in all a good hunt ready to do it again next year or next weekend ... Tommy