Friday, February 08, 2008

2008 youth waterfowl hunt

Well last weekend was the youth waterfowl hunt and Cody and I were there. I put his name into the reservation system and he was drawn number 33.. which put us in the teens when a lot of the kid did not show up... Its hard to think that it was better this year than last but it was... the Dept. of Fish and Game at San Jacinto Wildlife area put on a fantastic hunt this year.. it started out with a hot breakfast for all the kids and parents in attendance.. plenty of food.. then we picked out our area to hunt and were told to be back at the headquarters by 11am for lunch and the raffle... well i picked a blind that was next to the one we hunted last year... the water was deep averaging waist deep and oh by the way the camera is not water proof so don't expect any pictures for a while... yeah i know i forgot which pocket it was in while i was setting out the decoys... there were some nice flights of birds and i was able to call in a pair of cinnamon teal that wanted to land in the decoys.. I coached Cody as to when to shoot and waited until the right moment and pop one down and two shots later the other was on the ground... very nice.. the rest of the morning he shot holes in the air.. that's why they call it hunting and not shooting... by 10am the temperature had dropped and i was freezing it was time for me to start to gather up the decoys and head back for a hot lunch and the raffle... lunch was hamburgers and hot dogs, salads and chips and chili... all very good.. the raffle was the best ever.. Bass Pro Shops and Turners Outdoors donated many items to the event and the kids received two prizes and then all were then entered in to the grand drawing of things... 4th was a one hour flight in a airplane around the area to look at things or take pictures... 3rd was a pheasant and chucker hunt at the 4 seasons hunt club which Cody won and 1st and 2nd was a tuna trip on a six pack charter out of San Diego in July or August... great trips and we met some really neat people.. One guy i met who hunted across the pond from us Kelvin is a Sunday school teacher who was teaching one of his students how to duck hunt, he said the boys father did not hunt and the boy wanted to learn how to so the boy took his hunter safety class and got his licence and he has been teaching him how to hunt and appreciate the outdoors.... it was a very memorable hunt...


Blogger Joanne said...

YEAH CODY, good shooting and good job in the drawing. So where is that place and when do you get to go?

12:01 PM  
Blogger amberlee said...

uh, how about an update pops?? how else am i gonna keep up with what you guys are doing? its not like i can call or anything... :)

6:13 AM  
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