Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dove hunt 2007

Well its Blyth, Ca. its hot, 112 deg. F and humid due to the moisture coming off the cotton field we are hunting next to. We face a lemon grove where the birds have roosted the nite befor and try to hit them as they leave for food and water but the trick is to drop them befor they go over the cotton because once ya drop one there its gone. We did OK, there were few birds compared to previous years probably do to the recent storms which sends them straight to Mexico and the farmers not planting a lot of grain. Well back to the motel for dove cleaning, they put up a cleaning table for all the hunters to use and here Bern is giving Cody a little instruction on dove cleaning.. the last if a picture of Cody and myself with our mornings hunt results which consists of morning and white winged doves, we did not see any of the new eurasian doves which are now part of the bag limit but did see some other hunters cleaning some at the table. well untill the next hunt or what ever happens next..............


Blogger Melanie said...

I’m certainly glad to hear that you have been playing a part in helping to preserve wetlands. I don’t mean to offence anyone but personally I just feel that hunting animal is wrong. You might have a different point of view but I think this is just a matter of different people having different perspective in situations. As I said earlier in my blog, hunting for survival purpose is definitely not inappropriate. However, am I wrong to say that people nowadays hunt for pleasure? It is true that you are helping in preservation but am I wrong to say that you, yourselves actually enjoy the process of hunting? Nowadays we don’t need to hunt to get food. Food is always available if we just go to the hypermarket. Why do we need to kill more than what we need? In addition, personally I don’t see the need to hunt in order to preserve wetlands. We can preserve wetlands as long as we have the will to do it. Furthermore, I would like to apologize for my ignorance for not knowing the procedures or rules for legal hunting. I definitely did not know that there are listed animals that you could kill or could not kill. Nevertheless, I still feel that a big part of contribution to endangered animals is because of excessive and indiscriminate hunting (illegally) or for market purpose. It is true that you pointed out; my existence has an impact on animals. But as I said again in my blog in some other entry, the earth can sacrifice for our need but not greed. Our needs nowadays might not be the same as what our ancestors’ need of survival decades ago. Technology plays a big part. Sometimes computer might have become a need and not greed anymore. It is true though that I used internet for leisure, but I switch it off whenever I don’t need them. I walk or cycle as long as the journey is not distant. It is true that our existence caused problems for a lot of animals but that is just part of how ecosystem works. There won’t have any define positive or negative impact. It’s always a little bit of both. It is just a matter of, if it is more towards the negative or positive side. I do consume animals as food but I never buy animal products like skin or horn. I had never eaten endangered animals like sharp fin soup! I have participated in many activities that help in the conservation of animals. I personally feel that our existence is to protect them within our ability and not put extra harm on them. But then again, as I said many people might just have a different opinion.

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