Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quail hunt, kind of....

Well it started off well... we arrived Thursday nite about 10:30 pm... it was a 225 mile drive with not a whisper of wind going through the desert which was very surprising since we passed to big rigs that were blown over from the morning...well we set up camp and Friday morning we woke up late and scouted the area and saw some quail..we also tried to bag a rabbit but that did not happen.. it was a beautiful day. The days high temp was 73 deg. and a forecast of possible rain during the weekend.. and light winds... Saturday we were up and out by 8 am.. yea we slept in again... OK well we hunted a favorite area of mine and sure enough we hit a covey of quail on top of the hill.. but by then the wind was really blowing and it was rough... i shot at 3 birds and hit one.. the wind was blowing so hard the feathers passed the bird up as it sailed into the next county or state for that matter.. it was MIA.... well that was the last we would see.. we walked all over the place and did not see a thing.. so lunch time we headed back to camp to eat.. The wind blew harder if that was possible.. at first you could see the mountains across the valley about 40 plus miles away then you could not see the interstate 2o miles away as the air filled with dirt and dust... by dinner time the hills less than 2 miles away were barely visible... time to go inside the trailer and make dinner... well the wind blew all nite and that trailer shook like no tomorrow... the ranger said the winds that nite were 40 mph plus with gusts to 60 mph.. i believe him... come Sunday morning it has died down to about 20 mph so after seeing some other trailers and motor homes leave the camp ground i decided to make a run for it... glad i did .... it was one windy drive home... the desert was bad but going through the pass it got worse and the CHP had a high profile vehicle warning and listening to the radio i took an alternate route home and glad i did... it took an extra 1 1/2 hours to get home but it was worth it... not to mention that was when all the fires started and i heard that soon after we had passed through the mountains they closed it to large vehicles.... like all trips things are always different.. this trip there were millions of grass hoppers and to go with them we had tarantulas a few of them.. more than i have ever seen especially in camp. like the one in the picture... i picked this one up on a board and as i was watching it slowly crawl onto the board once on it was like someone shot a starting pistol and the thing sprinted toward me, yup i gave him flying lessons... so i learned something.. they can run... made a note of that... well the trip was not a total loss Cody did bag a rabbit and our friend Barry did get a quail.. it was his first time quail hunting so i was glad for him... well the next trip is to Missouri... I hope hunting is better there.. until then


Blogger Joanne said...

looks beautiful but not a fan of grasshoppers and trantulas!

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