Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey all well sorry for the delay in the last post... i have been installing an a/c - heating system in my neighbors home... it was a bigger job than i anticipated... or was going to take longer than i hoped... the heat really prevents me from doing a lot of work in the attic when i get home from work...also the suppliers are out of a lot of material due to the heat wave in july... i am now at least half way done... i also have had a lot of add ons to the job which slowed the job down... i will be back in form shortly.. i hope.... any ways i will be huntin in 2 weeks so there will hopefully be some action pictures to go with the account... if i remember to bring the camera... so much to remember... i just love getting old...later people..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

well the weekend is here and we are just a few weeks from the opening of dove season so we went to the range for some practice... Cody got in some good practice with his shotgun.. he does better each time we go to the range.. we shot a sporting clays course, there are 3 pigeon throwers per station and the throwers are located in various places so you never know where they are comming from.. this is closer to a real hunt... there were 6 of us shooting... but its hard to see who is shooting in the other pictures because of the fencing around the shooter... ya either get a back shot or fence covered side photo... oh well... it is a lot of fun not to mention our shoulders are quite sore today... yep cannot wait for sept. 1st..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good morning.. well it was a good week last week.. the cat that Amberlee brought home has been adopted out to a nice girl... earlier in the week Cody and I traveled to Lancaster to start my back ground check on some guns that Cody and I had won. Pick up date is after 5:15 pm on wednesday.. Cody and I cannot wait. Cody, my brother Bernie and my self went to the Mule deer foundation benefit dinner two weeks ago and Cody won a Marlin .17 cal HMR rifle. As for myself i won a Knight .50 cal black powder rifle, with a stainless steel barrel and composite stock.. i cannot wait to shoot the thing... also i won a Ruger 7mm 08 rifle. the bad thing with this free stuff is that is always cost a lot of money.. now i have to buy black powder accessories and a scope and sling for the high power rifles... not to mention i now have to go hunting and use it darn the shear suffering involved... I did get our new hunting licenses, Cody and I, so we are ready to hunt the dove season opener on sept. 1st... well thats all for now