Saturday, March 31, 2007

jury duty

Well i would like to say the its been a mild week with not a whole lot going on but i am doing my civic duty by going to jury duty... i was on a call-in basis for a week and wouldn't ya know it on the last day, Friday, i get called in.. it was a big pool of people and we had to listen to all the people giving every excuse to get out of the case.. it is a murder case... well on Monday we resume and by noon they have a jury and now they want four alternates... lucky for me i was called second to last... and i tried to give every excuse not to be there, i listened well to everyone else's... even though it occurred close to home... no such luck... i am now alternate juror number 15... I am not to talk about the case until its all over so more will come later... but it has been very interesting... it is right in the middle of the case now and is expected to go another week plus... we shall see.. i know one thing i am not made to sit for hours on end.. my back is killing me, the women keep bringing goodies into the jury room.. like i need to gain more i have been good and not indulging... and trying to do a lot of walking during breaks... until then..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a mild weekend..not

Well i had a mild weekend last week... i thought it was going to be a nice quiet one with sleeping in and not doing a whole lot of anything... wrong... ''WE" decided that the living room, halls and dinning room needed to be painted, so i pretty much had my day planed out.. i got to move everything out away from the walls and clean and cook dinner and put most of it back. Well needless to say i was tired but lucky for me my brother Bern called and said hey lets go the the Fishing tackle and boat show tomorrow morning... i am so there.. so before everyone got up i was gone and did not get in on any painting party festivities.. The show was pretty good i saw a lot of new things to do, like i need another hobby. Saw some beautiful boats but all in all had a very good time.... walked all over the place and must have put on a few miles... more exercise than i ever wanted... but hey at least i was not painting and the best part i got home just in time to see the little woman as she left for work and i got to see the last part of the NASCAR race in Las Vegas... sweet... and now for the rest of the week i get to call in for jury duty.. it has been a while since i have done it and now i have unlimited time to serve.. we shall see... justice in action...

Friday, March 02, 2007

the deer mount

Well it was just a matter of time before the taxidermist called with the news that Cody's deer mount was done. My brother Don payed the balance and picked it up there in Missouri and then shipped it out here to California. This is now the icing on the cake for the priceless hunting trip to Missouri. The guy did a fantastic job on the mount and i am quite pleased. Cody wanted to put it in his bedroom but i told him if anyone came over to see it his bedroom must be kept clean at all times... He said "Dad i think it will look just fine in the living room.." So now its there. Cody is quite proud of it and so am I not to mention a little jelous. I do not even have a deer mount yet but i will some day.