Saturday, October 28, 2006

The other desert meat

Well lets just say the little woman just never knows what i am going to bring home when i go hunting.. I have brought home all sorts of critters.. trantulas, lizzards and the last one was a toad missing a foot.. aka lucky.... well this trip was not different... while walking back to the truck Bernie came across a dead cow that probably died early summer... judgeing by the way the bones were scattered about the area and how bleached they were... well the head was still attached to the leather shell of the body.... i asked Bernie if he had a knife, no and he asked if i had one well alls i had was my trusty 12ga. knife... 8 shots later it was free... and with all the shooting the others in our party came over to see all the birds we were shooting at... not... just one big one.... now the hard part.. trying to explain to my wife why... and where... i had a nice 3 1/2 hour drive to think one up.... alls i can say was the look on her face was priceless.... i was backing the truck up into the driveway while looking into the mirror i see her smiling face, thinking oh boy my husband is home.. then watching her expression turn.. it turned to what the hell is that and where is it going... now for the answers.. into the giant cast iron pot in the front of the house for holloween, then after that, well then decorate it for thanksgiving...then,,, a stocking cap for Christmas... then ... bunny ears for Easter... she will not win.. its here to stay.. i cannot wait for the next trip.... oh what to bring back... Tommy

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Shoot first and ask questions later.....

Well opening quail season 2006 went off with a bang.... acutally many bangs... in fact i am a very lousy shot... this was a very good opener there were a whole lot of birds to shoot but as for me i started to ask questions first then shoot and miss... so i turned it around and was able to finally bag a few... the weather was cold and windy... very windy, on opening day the wind was probably a steady 30 mph. with a lot of sand in the air, it was very hard on the eyes... not to many people to deal with, just a few other hunters... On saturday i must have put on at least 5 miles.. my feet were soo sore .. the worst being my left foot.. i put my foot into a rock climbing down a hill and smashed in my big toe nail forward... ouch.. the nail is black and blue, i could possible loose the nail... and limp for the next few weeks... but if some calls and says lets go next weekend i am there.... we had no moon and the stars were just fantastic.. one of my favorite spots to hunt... we are planing more for the year...
The two birds are from sunday morning... in one picture and the other is of a hill that we walked over and around chasing the little guys.. the hill is about a mile away and we had to walk there from the road because of the soft sand, we got stuck first thing saturday morning and had to get pulled out by a very helpful hunter with a 4x4... there was a incredable amount of rain there last week by some of the signs.. there were a lot of washed out roads and trails... in the foreground of the picture the water was about 4 inches deep covering a swath over 50 yards wide. The awsome power of nature... take care... Tommy