Monday, May 28, 2007

a busy month

Well its been a very busy month.. it started with the fastest 2 weeks having Mats and Solvieg from Sweden here on their 3rd visit.. i sure wish i had pictures but you know how good i am with remembering a camera.. so let me just tell ya all about the things we did...well lets just start out with we ate a lot. Boy did we eat and shopped. The first weekend we went to Temecula wine tasting and boy was it fun, the winery's sure have changed a lot in a few years they sure are gearing up for the tasting and wedding crowd and putting a lot of money into their reception facilities. I had some good wines and some i did not like at all... all in all a good time. Later in the week i took Wednesday and Thursday off as vacation and took them to Fashion Island shopping and Rogers gardens and then Newport Pier. A very good day of roaming around and seeing yachts and expensive homes. On Thursday I was given season tickets to an Angel game from my co-worker Tony. They were fantastic seats on the first base line and in the shade which was good because the game started at 12:30 pm. The Angels won and afterward we went to Lucille's BBQ for dinner... Mats commented that it was the biggest plate he had ever seen for food.. and it was full.. We ate well.. On Saturday my brother Bernie and i took Mats shooting at the sporting clays course. He did real well if i remember right he shot a 70 out of 100, right Mats...... Later that night Mats, Solvieg, Tammy, Cody and I went to Irwindale to the car races. We got there early and were able to go down to the track and see the cars and their drivers, get pictures, autographs and candy. The racing was very good, my favorite class is the pintos, Toyota, and Vega cars on the 1/8 mile track. Its a lot more physical. The nascar race was the main event and they were quick, a clean race. Being that it was the day before mothers day the ladies were given a rose.. Before they left to go home we of course went out to eat and Mom went in the hospital for her hip replacement. To date she is still in and now in rehab. Hopefully she will be home in another week.. My sister-in-law Anna, Don's wife is coming out for a visit from Missouri and to help with Mom, i think Ryan is will also be here. It will be a great help for her having someone there for her. Later on Don is flying out for a short vacation as well as Nicole and Rachael.. I am looking forward for the visits and wish i had a whole lot more vacation to use.. such is life. well until the next time i should have the camera. enjoy