Saturday, November 29, 2008

Missouri deer hunt

Its been a few weeks since i have been back from the weekend trip to Missouri, it was a great time being able to visit with my brother and his family. It was cold. We left Friday the 14th. it was 85 deg. weather and arrived to a 50 deg. Kansas city. burr... after the 1 1/2 hr. drive to Clinton it was time to buy our licenses and scout out the area to be hunted the next morning. Saturday morning started out with a light rain. Not enough to get ya very wet but annoying. the temp was in the mid 30's. I set up a chair at the end of a field so i could keep watch of a tree line and the temperature started to drop by 7 am it was snowing... as seen in the pic. oh and we had a nice 20 mph wind coming from the north. Oh to be in the 85 deg. temps... it kept snowing, sometimes so hard one could hardly see the end of the field.. After loosing feeling in my toes and fingers i headed back to the truck to warm up. Actually i made that trek twice. Don said he was going to walk a tree line at 9am so i headed out of the truck a little late and just as i was 20 yards from where i wanted to be a nice deer, a doe of which i did have a tag for walked right by... oh well missed that opportunity. Well all went back to town for breakfast and a nap. We were still on Pacific time. That evening the snow had stopped and more deer were moving but not the right ones.. The regulations have changed on deer hunting, a buck now has to be 4 points or better on one side to be legal and still unlimited number of take on doe's... they are trying to control the deer population. besides a doe is a better meat deer. Back to the day as Bern and I hunted Don and Rick went fishing maybe i should say catching. They did very well. The next day was sunny with the wind coming from the south east. the mud had frozen and there was still some snow left on the ground. There were more deer moving today. The bad thing we are under a time limit. We could only hunt until 9am. we have to be back in time to eat, shower,pack and drive back to Kansas city to fly home. well i walked a short distance from the cars and over looked a pond. There were a lot of deer signs there. about 8am i headed back to the truck to get a drink of my old soda and as i walked with gun on my back i jumped a beautiful legal 8 point buck, by the time i shouldered the gun it was gone.. my second missed opportunity... and last for us... it has been 7 years that i have been looking for a wall hanger deer and now its going on 8... we said our goodbyes to Don and family and look forward to the next trip. Hopefully in spring. Turkey season opens. we loaded up and drove to the airport and as we flew into L A we could see the fires... back to reality.. it was a fantastic trip. This was Ricks first trip and he really had a good time.. until the next time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quail updated

Ok due to the response to the lack of pics quail hunting i am forced to produce a pic of the trip....Here we have Cody with a nice rabbit taken outside of camp and another pic of the area we hunted.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Quail hunt "08"

Well it has been a few weeks since the opening of quail season and it was an ok hunt..We went to the same place, Hole-in-the-wall. The weather was fantastic and there were a lot of birds and many in our group bagged them as for Cody he only bagged a nice rabbit and i bagged one quail. I know not the typical hunt but hey we were all off. In fact i do not think i could have hit the broad side of a barn. So do not expect any pictures of the hunt but i do have some fantastic scenery pictures. All in all it was a great weekend with some very good friends and family.... T